Booking Terms / Health & Safety

My aim at all times is to provide you with the most positive experience I can.

  • It is advisable to discuss any health concerns prior to an appointment. This will hopefully prevent any disappointments if GP approval is required before a treatment can be carried out. It is your responsibility to update me on any changes to your health so your treatment can be amended if need be.
  • In case of pregnancy a treatment will not be carried out until after the first trimester.
  • Parents/guardians should accompany any client under the age of 18.
  • Inappropriate Behaviour – the massage types I offer are for relaxation and therapeutic services only. There is  (and never will be) no sexual component whatsoever to any of my massages.
  • Cancellation – please provide at least 24 hours notice of any appointment change or cancellation. When you cancel or miss your appointment with less than 24 hours notice I am not always able to fill the cancelled appointment time. This is inconvenient for me and also means other clients miss out on the services they need.  Hence you will be charged 50% of the cost of the missed session.  Late cancellation due to emergency or illness is unlikely to result in any missed appointment charges, but this is determined on a case by case basis.

Updates to Accommodate Coronavirus/Covid-19 Pandemic – Return to Practice 

It is currently anticipated that therapists’ studios may be able to re-open in early July 2020.  Whenever the true date may be, these are the updated measures I have implemented to ensure as best I can that clients can continue to feel comfortable and safe during appointments:-

Minimising the risk of contracting and spreading Covid-19

Using trusted sources of information:-

Minimising risk

To minimise the risk of clients or myself contracting Covid-19 when visiting for a treatment, I have held a walk-through inspection of every area clients are likely to pass through and considered what is best practice regarding:

  • business premises and treatment areas
  • hygiene protocols
  • the consultation and treatment
  • client aftercare advice
  • business policies
  • insurance requirements

Non-essential items and those which are difficult to disinfect/cleanse e.g. magazines and soft furnishings have been moved. 

Hygiene measures

  • I will meet clients on arrival at the door and walk ahead of them to escort them upstairs wiping door handles, bannisters etc as we go. Similarly I will accompany clients when exiting the building after appointments.
  • Clients will be offered anti-bacterial gel/spray/wipes to cleanse their hands when arriving at the treatment room. Soaps, antibacterial gel/wash/spray/wipes will also be available in the bathroom and treatment room.
  • I will wash my hands with soap then cleanse with anti-bacterial gel/spray/wipes before, after and between treatments
  • Daily/weekly hygiene checklists – completed lists will be displayed in the treatment room
  • Appropriate cleaning of hands, surfaces, the treatment area and equipment will take place before, between and after client appointments. This will include (a) front doorbell/handle/knocker (b) handles, handrails, bannisters, light switches (c) toilet and sink area (d) chairs in waiting area (e) pens or mobile device screens.
  • Items needed for treatments that cannot be disinfected or washed between each client (e.g. bolster cushions) will be covered in a non-porous material that can be effectively wiped down with disinfectant and then covered with something soft and replaceable/washable between clients. Consideration will be given as to whether alternatives can be used at such times e.g. a rolled-up towel instead of a bolster cushion.
  • Where available and practical recyclable/single use/disposable alternatives will be used until the pandemic has passed
  • The treatment room will be ventilated between clients
  • Foot-operated pedal bins with a lid and liner are available for rubbish in the treatment room and bathroom
  • Clients will be invited to wear basic protective clothing should they wish during a treatment. Clients may also request that I wear basic protective clothing during a treatment.
  • Appointment times will be spaced in such a way to prevent one client coming into contact with another.

Pre-treatment checks:  When receiving appointment requests, clients will be asked if they are in self-isolation or if they have been in contact with somebody who has symptoms of Covid-19.  If the answer is yes to either of these questions, bookings will be deferred for an appropriate period of time.

Consultation process and aftercare advice:  Consultations will continue to be carried out prior to all treatments.  Depending on style of initial contact, this may be by telephone/email/PM to help save time on the day of the appointment.  Questions will include requests for updates on contraindications/contra-actions that may have occurred between treatments as well as questions with a Covid-19 focus being added to the standard pre-treatment consultation to clarify whether a treatment may go ahead. So please be prepared for your consultation to perhaps take a little longer.  


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