Armonia Olistica : Preparation for Re-opening

covid-19 virus safety health updateHolistic and healing therapies are some of the biggest loves of my life.  In preparation for when studios are able to re-open (be that on 4th July 2020 as currently anticipated or at a later date), I have researched best practice, completed a clinical safety course and updated procedures/routines at Armonia Olistica.  Please see my certificate of course completion and follow this link to the updated procedures that have been adopted (listed at the bottom of the Booking Terms page)


Simple Self Care – Shoulder, Arm, Hand Self Massage – tutorial

Especially at a time such as now where everyone in the country is living through ‘lockdown’, it can be easy to absorb stress that manifests itself in the form of aches and pains around the body.  Here’s a video to show you just one style of simple self massage that can help lift stress and boost our well-being


Don’t Scare Yourself!

With the demands of our everyday lives, added to which we can sometimes feel pressurised by articles we read or videos see in the media, it can be easy to compare ourselves to others and start to feel like we’re never going to “make it” or get to where we’re going.  Take just a few moments to look at this video made by a couple of my friends which suggests easy we can enhance the quality of our lives

Self Nurturing with Hand Massage

Learn a little about kindness to self and hand massage in my first video .  We need to be kind to ourselves, not just during times of great challenge such as now when the country is in lockdown, but at all times.  If not, we could become less able to support our loved ones.

I’ve used safflower massage oil in the video but you can you use lotion, cream or other oils – even olive oil from your food cupboard – whatever you’ve got to hand and whatever you like best.  (If you use olive oil, you may want to blend in a couple of drops of essential oil – perhaps lavender – to give the oil a nice fragrance).


Create Your Own Antibacterial Spray/Wipe

Essential oils have a multitude of uses other than in massage and beauty treatments. I’m beginning to make more of my own household products including antibacterial cleaners. It’s useful to know that essential oils cleanse the air rather than just mask smells. They also have a therapeutic life of 2 years so why not keep older oils by the bathroom or kitchen sink as surface wipes

Bacterial Busting Essential Oils incl: Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Thyme  

(Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree and Thyme are antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial).


i)  Surface Wipe:
Put 2 drops of essential oil on a cloth to wipe down surfaces, then squeeze the cloth and let the water run down the pipe to kill bacteria lurking there.
ii) Spray cleaner:
Combine the following into a clean spray bottle and shake well to mix:-
4 or more drops of your chosen essential oil per
300ml of warm water
Spray onto the surface you want to clean (avoiding wood surfaces) then wipe away.
iii) Room Spray:
Combine the following into a clean spray bottle and shake well to mix:-
4 or more drops of your chosen essential oil per
300ml of warm water
Spray into the air or on the carpets, curtains and furniture (avoiding wooden surfaces)
NB: Shake the bottle regularly to prevent separation of the oils and water.
(from The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood)

Finding Balance – The Aura

The aura is the magnetic field of energy around our bodies from the soles of our feet to the tops of our head and which radiates out from our body in rainbow coloured layers. To stay in balance, we know the importance of trying to think, speak and eat positively because not only does it help clear blockages in our physical body but in our energy body too. If for some reason we don’t heal fully from an illness or a negative experience, what remains can stay in our aura, create blockages and really have an impact on our physical, spiritual and mental health. I thought the image below might help give clarity to the layers of our aura for those of you who may not be familiar with them

New Learning – Developing My Practice – Working with SEN Clients

Continuing with a busy January, I’m looking forward to a February full of learning. I’ve decided to add to my experience of working with those who have special needs and will be starting a course focusing on working with those who have specific learning difficulties. I’ve really enjoyed doing massage and healing treatments with children, young people and adults in this field – LD clients of all ages seem to enjoy and really benefit from the relaxation massage and healing can bring – so I’m pleased to be further developing my skills in that area. If you’re aware of anyone with special needs whom you feel would benefit from a massage and/or healing treatment, feel free to get in touch to discuss.

Choose a Word For The Year – help yourself to focus

I couldn’t resist sharing this because I’ve found it a really useful tool that helped give me clarity during times of overwhelm or confusion. A word for the year gives you a focus behind your actions for that year. In 2019 I ended up with two words which I found very grounding. My words for 2020 are Trust and Love (the word fun was quietly in the background too) which all make sense. Why not try choosing a word for the year yourself?
For some back ground information just follow the link:-

Dream Big – journalling really works …. read on to find a genuinely free gift

Finding your authentic smile isn’t always the easiest journey.  I’ve found journalling a bit of a saviour over the years because it’s given me a safe space to pour things out onto a written page which is very therapeutic, and which over time has helped me learn a lot about myself, including the importance of being kind to me! A friend of mine, Sue Allsworth, founder of Authentic Smile and creator of the Journal Journey series of interactive workbooks, has given me permission to share this amazing gift with you – an interactive workbook that will guide you through letting go of 2019, reflecting on all the experiences and learning it bought to you, and forward into 2020. It will creatively help you with intention setting alongside things such as how you’d like your body and mind to feel in 2020. Just follow the link below – you’ll need to create a login to get the pdf workbook. Start the journal when it feels right for you (try not to rush and try to reserve some time for your journalling). I’m starting work on mine today.  Good wishes to you on your journal journey into 2020 and beyond x

Here’s the link to the free copy of the journal – you’ll need to add your email address to login and get the pdf.