Ascension really is meditation made simple

I spent this weekend in the company of a group of lovely ladies, some of whom I knew, some I didn’t, being taught the First Sphere of Ascending – that is the first few Ascension Attitudes, the practice of which I’d been told would help reduce my stress levels, improve my sleep pattern and improve my relationship with myself (among others).  I thought there might be some hippyesque, obscure elements to the weekend but what I actually found was a non-religious weekend full of relaxation, laughter and some very nice food!!  So if you’re looking for a fun way to wind down and relax the mind, check out  and   The ladies who taught our group this weekend in Weston-super-Mare were Kevala on 01934 425 038 ( and Anika who’s based down in Plymouth (  If you’re at all curious, you may like to know they were very patient with me and what sometimes felt like very basic questions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!!