Luxury Treatments and Well-being Packages

Feeling tired and in need of some ‘me’ time?

Let me magic the stress away …

Luxury Treatments

Luxury Skin Refresh Facial (1 hr)£35     Enjoy a nurturing facial double Cleanse then be invigorated with an Exfoliating face smooth polish.  Feel your skin be warmed and pores opened in a short Steam treatment then let your tension melt away with a Massage of your décolletage, neck and face with indulgent Organic Oil.  Feel the magical effects of the rich Mask followed by a spray of Pore Refining Mist.  Your transport to delight draws to a close with an application of reviving, nourishing Skin Feast Moisturiser to hydrate your beautifully refreshed, healthy looking complexionMINI FACIAL (30 mins) – £20

 You are invited to enjoy a hand/arm or foot/leg massage during the steam treatment and when your face mask has been applied in a luxury facial

 NB:  Mini-facials include Cleansing, Exfoliation, Mask, Toner and Moisturiser

Luxury Anti-Ageing Facial  (1 hr) £40      Feel the indulgence of your facial Cleanse and let your cares ‘float away’ as your skin is gently Exfoliated with the 100% organic, naturally antibacterial Bamboo Cloth. Your tissues will then be warmed and pores opened with a short Steam treatment.  Absorb the natural wonder of Tropic as you experience a calming Massage of your decolettage, neck and face with smoothing Organic Oil.  Then feel the magic of the brightening, tightening Mask as it hydrates your complexion.  A spray of Pore Refining Facial Mist will refresh and balance your skin, preparing you for the calming Eye massage with Serum to take essential vitamins to the deeper layers of your skin and alleviate dark circles  Enjoy a gentle return to your surroundings as your luxury facial is bought to an end with a light application of nourishing Skin Feast moisturiser.   MINI  FACIAL (30 mins) – £22

You are invited to enjoy a hand/arm or foot/leg massage during the steam treatment and when your face mask has been applied in a luxury facial

 NB:  Mini-facials include Cleansing, Exfoliation, Mask, Toner and Moisturiser


Nurturing ‘Me’ Time Well-being Packages

Whole Body Premiere Pamper  –  £100

Begin your journey to delight with a full body scrub to remove dead skin cells and soften your skin.  Then drift away to deeper calm absorbing the essence of beautifully blended essential oils with a full body aromatherapy massage. Follow this with a relaxing, skin reviving mini-facial, then return to the present with a nurturing manicure and pedicure for smart hands and feet! (approx. 33/4 hrs)

Tingle Head to Toe – £56

Commence your well-deserved ‘me’ time with a sumptuous luxury foot treatment followed by a nurturing luxury hand treatment.  Continuing your session of self-appreciation, enjoy a scalp stimulating, hair conditioning, muscle relaxing Indian Head Massage.  Go back to your day feeling totally revived, refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way! (approx. 2¼ hrs)

Magical Mini Meze (a little bit of everything) – £37

Experience a whole host of sensations as we begin with a by a half body aromatherapy massage, followed by a terrifically Tropic mini-facial.  Let the delightful blend of aromatherapy essential oils work their magic and take you to your own little ‘heaven’ in a half body aromatherapy massage.  Then revive your facial glow as we invigorate your senses with a wonderful mini-facial.  From the cleanse to the scrub as we reveal your softer skin, to the nutrient rich face mask and pore refining tone to the glow reviving moisturise. (approx. 1¼ hrs)

Tres Tranquil  –  £35

Gift yourself some quality ‘me’ time with this deeply relaxing, truly reviving treat to soothe your body, mind and soul.  Enjoy the evocative blend of essential oils and relax your muscles with a half body aromatherapy massage then experience the ancient magic of crystals and regain your energy balance with a short crystal healing treatment (approx. 1¼ hrs)

Total Refresh –  £32

Relax away your woes and begin your journey back to balance with a short reiki treatment followed by a knot releasing, scalp stimulating Indian Head Massage to make you feel refreshed and ready to return to your day. (approx. 1¼ hrs).




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Rosemary Bridgewater
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Park Place,
BS23 2BA

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 9.30 – 19.30

Friday :  9.30 – 17.30
Saturday: 9.30 – 13.00
Closed on Sunday


Testimonials about therapies:

“… gentle and respectful approach – a lovely Indian Head Massage.” Catherine, WsM

“Nice pressure and good variety of techniques. I’d recommend Rosemary’s massage to other people.” Liz, Bristol

“The Reiki was very relaxing and calming – all my cares washed away.” Tracey, WsM

“I thoroughly enjoyed my crystal healing … Rose has a lovely way about her.” Zoe, WsM

“Thanks again for the lovely massage, I’d like another soon” Alan, WsM

Testimonials about courses:

“Thought provoking, interesting, helpful and informative,” Claire, Cardiff

“Just to feedback on the Reiki training session, I found it very interesting and you held my attention through the whole session.  Thank you,” Linda, Weston

“Rosemary gave me the confidence in my ability to start using the Reiki I’d been taught 20 years ago. Such a reassuring person,” Helen, Cheddar

“I really enjoyed what you shared and how you shared it.  I already feel more confident about it,” Sarena, Axbridge

Testimonial about Magical Mini Meze treatment:

“Rose was very attentive and informative … a pleasing environment … relaxing,” Sally, Weston

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