New Year – New Teacher

Sending you all good wishes for a happy, positive, prosperous new year – a day at a time.

I’m pleased to say I’ve booked to do Usui Reiki Master Teacher Training at the beginning of March  and at some stage in the future plan to become an Angelic Reiki Teacher as well.  I’d not originally planned to teach Reiki but realised in the last few months I was starting to be drawn towards it. I’ve been drawn to ‘healing’ for years now, but sometimes I think you don’t have to be attuned to be a healer because simply a kind word can be just all someone needs to perk them up. 

I’ve also surprised myself at how excited I am and have been making notes for manuals and training days for ages.  Admittedly I don’t have several years teaching experience but I’ve got lengthy experience of being in different learning situations (as a trainer both in and outside the workplace), as well as huge experience of life, some of which I really would prefer no-one else to experience.  I have a high level of commitment to quality (proven by my acceptance into membership of the UK Reiki Federation), alongside a high level of commitment to clarity and honesty – so if you’ve got any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Ascension really is meditation made simple

I spent this weekend in the company of a group of lovely ladies, some of whom I knew, some I didn’t, being taught the First Sphere of Ascending – that is the first few Ascension Attitudes, the practice of which I’d been told would help reduce my stress levels, improve my sleep pattern and improve my relationship with myself (among others).  I thought there might be some hippyesque, obscure elements to the weekend but what I actually found was a non-religious weekend full of relaxation, laughter and some very nice food!!  So if you’re looking for a fun way to wind down and relax the mind, check out  and   The ladies who taught our group this weekend in Weston-super-Mare were Kevala on 01934 425 038 ( and Anika who’s based down in Plymouth (  If you’re at all curious, you may like to know they were very patient with me and what sometimes felt like very basic questions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!!

Got it at Last!!

I am really pleased to say I have now achieved my practitioner certificate in Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing, something I’ve been interested in for some time.  It’s a gentle way to release deep rooted tension that’ll bring about a deep sense of peace and harmony.  I was part of a group of very friendly, mixed age people trained by Karen Francis of With Intention (also at Fresh ‘n’ Tasty Bites at the top of Weston High Street). Karen is a very experienced teacher/healer who made the training very enjoyable and who answered all my questions with ease (and made a great lunch).  Highly recommended.  Here’s a pic of me (on the left) receiving my certificate – apologies for the bad hair day!!


Age needn’t be a barrier

Well in the last couple of weeks I’ve been really happy to have it proved to myself that age doesn’t really matter.  I’ve been very pleased to welcome two new clients who’d requested reiki treatments. I’ve worked with a very characterful, energetic, lovely 83 year old lady who just “wanted to try it.”  I was also asked by a mum to work with her 8 year old daughter who seemed to be hyperactive and is waiting to see whether she’s got ADHD (mum was present whilst I worked with her daughter).  The great news is that the older lady (having returned for a further reiki session and who has booked in again) no longer seems to suffer from the hip ache she’d been enduring, and the 8 year old went home to play quietly and calmly.

Singing your Angel

Yesterday evening I had what I can only call an amazing experience! Being spiritually inclined, I went along to Debbie Thorne’s Holistic Therapies with some other folks to meet a lovely lady called Gloria who could apparently sing our angels.  I went along as a bit of a sceptic wondering what it was all about and ended up being quite dumbfounded.  After an introductory cuppa and some conversation, having taken each of our names, Gloria went round the circle one person at a time singing each of our angels in turn as she played a wonderful wooden glockenspiel.  (Gloria explained it wasn’t actually her doing the singing or playing the glockenspiel but that the angels were doing it  ‘through’ her).   The melodic music helped create quite a magical atmosphere and I had trouble keeping my eyes open.  I felt as if I’d gone into a fairly deep, meditative state, along with everyone else – I’ve never known anything like it.  So if you get invited to a similar event where somebody says they can sing your angel, I recommend you go along.