Feng Shui Bagua Map – crystals around the home

I’m fascinated by the positive changes in energy around my home when I’ve been decluttering – amazing.  Please see here a bagua map describing the different ‘zones’ around a home alongside crystals that can be used to promote a more positive environment in each area  – truly fascinating – and it works for me.

Please bear in mind that apart from using crystals to promote positive feng shui,  increasing the amount of colour linked to an area has a similar impact e.g. a picture containing a lot of blue could be placed in the bottom left corner of a space (8) to bring more knowledge, wisdom and harmony.

Chakra Info Update

As with so many subjects, I’ve come across varying ways to describe things, in this instance key words/affirmations linked with our energy centres. I wanted to share some of this info to offer alternatives that people may find easier to connect with and remember.

Physically based chakras (form foundations we build/stand on):

1. Root chakra – rep: ground from which we rise above and out of into life – willingness to be grounded (I have)

2. Sacral chakra – rep: creative and procreative centre; fire our imagination uses to actualise our desires – resist change or become spontaneous (I feel)

3. Solar Plexus – rep: harmonise with issues of power from our personal truths and strengths (I can)

4. Heart chakra – rep: bridge between physical and spiritual energy; place for love of ourselves, others, our world and environment (I love)

Spiritually based chakras:

5. Throat chakra – rep: centre for communication and trust, where we discriminate between realisation and understanding ie what is true for us. Key word: Trust

6. Third eye chakra – rep: inner wisdom and intuition, ideas and imagination, what we realise by creating with our 2nd chakra. Key word: Hope.

7. Crown chakra – rep: connection with higher forms of energy, where we become inspired to live. Key word: Faith.

Fitness and Fun

An article in Prima talked about Sitting Less and moving more which sounds like a pleasantly gentle start to any fitness regime. The University of Utah have discovered swapping two minutes of sitting for two minutes of light exercise can help reverse the negative effects of prolonged sitting around! So try taking the stairs instead of the lift, try standing up when making/taking a phone call or try power walking instead of strolling.

Fitness and Fun – How about trying country dancing? Apart from making new friends and testing your memory, the stop/start/skipping movements country dancing involves can help strengthen your skeleton.

Thought For The Week

“The world needs less heat and more light. It needs less of the heat of anger, revenge, retaliation, and more of the light of ideas, faith, courage, aspiration, joy, love and hope.”
Wilfred Peterson

Armonia Olistica – International Radio Broadcast on MindBody Radio

I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I enjoyed this unexpected invitation to talk live on air about my passion for healing, holistic therapies and training on 30th September 2019.  I s’pose I wasn’t perfect but then enjoyment is in the ear of the listener on such occasions, and it proves I’m only human too!! I got extremely positive feedback from the station … so who knows what’s next?!…/episode/Rosemary-Bridgewater

Benefits of Jogawalking

Glad to say I got out for an energy boost this morning … interesting to be jogawalking in the early morning darkness … and I feel so much better for it (it’s just coming out from under the snuggliness of my blankets that’s the challenge).

So apart from shaking off any early morning grumps, here are some of the benefits of jogging and walking:-

1. Improved cardiovascular fitness (also known as cardiorespiratory endurance or aerobic fitness) refers to how efficient the heart, lungs and vascular system (the vessels that carry blood and lymph through the body)
2. Reduced blood pressure (Blood pressure refers to the force with which your blood pushes against your blood vessel walls)
3. Reduced risk of heart disease – by improving your cardiovascular fitness your heart becomes stronger and more efficient
Click on the links below to discover more about the benefits of both walking and jogging

Going Live and International : Monday 30th Sept at 2pm

Exciting news – I’ve been invited to speak live for 15 minutes on U.S. based Mind Body Radio to talk about my passions in life which are healing, holistic therapies and training, as well as encouraging people to recognise the need for them to be kind to themselves first at least sometimes because otherwise they could become too unwell to look after others. My other big passion is that people should learn to try to listen to what’s in their heart because that’s where they’ll find their personal truths.   It’s a first for me but think it’s gonna be fun so if you’re interested in tuning in for even just a short while, just follow this link